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Welcome to my wacky and colorful world. I'm a Long Beach, California-based artist who's been a fan of art  most of my life. I've developed much of my style through combining elements I've admired in paintings while visiting galleries across the country. Color, texture, and psychological dimension are probably the three main components of my work. I'm most satisfied when someone connects emotionally to one of my paintings. I love that because it's really about suspending time and space while observing - that momentary escape we feel when relating to something on an intimate level that only we, as individuals, understand. I also play with a rock band - it's the same type of high when the music is really clicking and we become lost in a world of our own making. I also encourage people to find their own story within my art. While I do have intentions for some pieces, much of my work is open-ended so that the observer uses their own psychology to fill in the blanks. What's most fascinating to me is what people tell me they see in my paintings - stuff I never thought of!

My wish is that you use this website for all things related to John Barney Art - including purchasing directly from me, the artist. I do occasional gallery shows, but prefer the independent market of direct sales, which often results in the best price for you. I do prints and paintings in fairly standard sizes so that you can frame the work inexpensively if you choose - however, if you want, you can certainly work with a professional framer to bring out the best in the artwork. If you would like to order prints with your choice of frame and matting, go HERE. I do offer a 7-day no questions asked return policy (buyer pays the return shipping). My email is an open door - so please don't hesitate to ask questions or send comments.



Support the Creatives 

Artists of all stripes need your support more than ever. There's been a cultural shift in the world where many people think musicians, writers, and to a lesser extent fine artists,  do their work for free or for "exposure." I've found this especially in music where it's impacted my band and many independent musicians. Most bands seem to be playing for a tip jar - even though they are bringing in revenue for the restaurant, bar or venue. Without being preachy, I would ask that you support your creatives -… Read more

What is Art, Really? 

I like Leroy Neiman paintings. So, when I started to research the man, I was surprised at the ferocity of critics and other artists that claimed he was a hack. I mean if, back in his peak days, I were to start an article like I did this one, I'd be immediately labeled unsophisticated, barbaric, a simpleton - well, you get the picture. Yet critics fawn over guys like Andy Warhol - who I never really got.  One thing, apparently, that Warhol did say in his work - is that anything, including commercial work… Read more

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