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Six-Week Solo Exhibition Feb 13 - March 23, City of Buena Park, City Hall

Read John Barney's interview in ARTiculAction Art Review HERE. Topics such as the psychological dimension and symbolism are discussed - as well as John's process.

Welcome to my world!. Imagine, if you will, your living space or business filled with colorful paintings that are also thought-provoking. Touch one of my many paintings that have texture – Think about the feelings they evoke in you – Ask your visitors what they see and discuss your differences. Or, simply enjoy how the colorful painting over the sofa brings the room together. The beauty of art is that it is always personal to the observer – and there are no right or wrong reasons to use and experience art.

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News: An exciting announcement soon for the beginning of 2017. Here's my first paintings of the new year, "Worlds Within" and "Mystery 13"


Jb art in living room 1

Bringing Color to a Neutral Space

As much as my art is known for its use of color, I don't want to be "overwhelmed" with color. I like my living or office space to be fairly neutral, but with shots of color to give it some life. In the same vein, I play in a rock band but don't really listen to much loud music outside of that because it can be too much. My art is great for bringing a room to life. Sometimes the grays or beige's  thirst for some color for a little balance - the amount is based upon your taste and personality. You may have an…Read more
Dead flowers

Psychological Dimension (or one way to enjoy John Barney paintings)

Psychological Dimension is the way a work of art communicates or evokes feelings or thoughts in the viewer. Someone once called me a budding master at this. Hopefully, it was a compliment. My particular style and background (my other career has been as a school psychologist/counselor) lends itself to this. I'm always fascinated at how two people look at the same work of art but have two entirely different perspectives. One might think it dark and brooding while the other is blown away by the interplay of…Read more
3 way ab print 2

Support the Creatives

Artists of all stripes need your support more than ever. There's been a cultural shift in the world where many people think musicians, writers, and to a lesser extent fine artists,  do their work for free or for "exposure." I've found this especially in music where it's impacted my band and many independent musicians. Most bands seem to be playing for a tip jar - even though they are bringing in revenue for the restaurant, bar or venue. Without being preachy, I would ask that you support your creatives -…
Horses two print 2

What is Art, Really?

I like Leroy Neiman paintings. So, when I started to research the man, I was surprised at the ferocity of critics and other artists that claimed he was a hack. I mean if, back in his peak days, I were to start an article like I did this one, I'd be immediately labeled unsophisticated, barbaric, a simpleton - well, you get the picture. Yet critics fawn over guys like Andy Warhol - who I never really got.  One thing, apparently, that Warhol did say in his work - is that anything, including commercial work…

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